Glorious Dehydrated Kale Chips Recipe

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I am pretty excited about this recipe - which I adapted from "Kale Crisp" recipe on We Like It Raw. Even my baby ate them and she hates yams which are objectively delicious.

The directions are long - but it's actually quite easy to make. Make sure you read through all directions once if you are unfamiliar with dehydrating foods.

Dehydrated Kale Chips Recipe
2-3 bunches organic kale
2 lemons, juiced
2 tsps garlic powder (not garlic salt!)
2 tsps dill (fresh or dried)
2 tsps sea salt
3-5 Tbsp olive oil or coconut oil 
2-3 Tbsp of Agave nectar to cut the bitter/tart of kale/lemon (optional - and not necessary in my opinion)

1. If you own a dehydrator or your oven has a dehydrate setting, skip to step 2.
If not, decide if you want to shell out the money for a stand-alone food dehydrator (my favorite choice after doing lots of research is the Excalibur).

Here are some questions to consider:

Do you have the time to clean many parts? Do you have the counterspace or extra storage to house it's rather large footprint? Do you think you are going to make more than just kale chips (foods like jerky, dried fruit, dry herbs, etc.? Will your significant other let you buy yet another kitchen appliance? : )

If your answer is "yes" I would recommend buying a dehydrator, or seeing if you can borrow one from a friend. (Keep in mind a dehydrator is also useful for drying leftover veggies and fruits as an alternative to freezing/canning them. You can also buy in bulk, dehydrate and save for soups, seasonings, etc. We dry our herbs at the end of the summer and they will last us all year so we don't have to buy them in the store, etc. Tomatoes dehydrate well - you can puree fruits and make leathers, etc.)

2. Wash and thoroughly dry the kale. 

3. Cut out the ribs if you don't like chewing on very tough parts later. Then cut into approximately 2 inch strips. That will seem kind of big, but you will be massaging the kale and it will inevitably break into smaller pieces, so trust me.

4. Add the kale and other ingredients in layers into a very large bowl. Then add some kale - some of the other ingredients - some more kale, etc. so there is an even coating on everything. Don't add all the seasonings at once, you may like more or less of something, so add a little at a time and taste along the way so you can determine if you like the flavor.

5. Very Important Step: Massage your kale for about 3 minutes or so. Don't worry about hurting/ruining the kale, it's very tough. You actually want it to get a little wilty and break down a bit. Then taste it! It should taste like delicious salad! Adjust the seasonings if you want more of something, and don't be afraid of adding more oil, unless you don't mind the kale being kind of flaky. Otherwise, I recommend more olive oil, lemon and dill.

6. Spread prepared kale evenly on your dehydrator sheets. Try not to get piles of kale, as they won't dehydrate as well. 

7. Dehydrate for 2 hours at 145 degrees, then lower to 115 for 4 more hours. You may need to consult your dehydrator or oven manual if you cannot dehydrate at these low temperatures. 

8. Eat 'em up and share with the skeptics in your life!

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  1. pureed dates also are a very good sweetener and make the mixture a bit thicker. It is fun to vary the flavors. Braggs Liquid aminos work great for some saltiness, but be careful!


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