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All the feelings

Ups and downs  
Since returning from Nanjing, my head and heart have been an emotional swirl, now in a general upward swirl as the momentum and adrenaline of Heck Yeah Let's Do This is taking over with t-minus 15 days left in the US.

But many of my emotions are not China-related, while at the same time also very much China-related. Everything is connected. Butterflies flap their wings in China, and a monsoon lands in Detroit, right?

Anyway. Last weekend my sister came to visit with her son, my (first!) nephew, and it was a beautiful time. It was our first introduction and he's even more precious than I could have imagined. He is like her: a lovely, serene and sweet soul. (A side note about my sister: she is literally the most calming person I know. Being in her presence is just a balm, she radiates peace. She is nothing like me. :) )

I relate to my nephew differently than other babies I have met. While being an aunt is not like being a mother, it's also not like meeting a …

My first week in Nanjing

I'll start at the end of my trip, with a delightful young Chinese bellhop squatting down and playing with my son's hands in his stroller. We were on our way out of the hotel to the airport, going home. He was legitimately happy to see my son. (This was very common in China: men, women, all ages, all wanted to talk to my son, take his photo, take a photo with him, etc. Yes, he's white, which is considered exotic, which is funny to me, I certainly don't feel exotic. I will definitely be writing a post on my experiences as a minority in China, but I really also get the impression that they love babies, period.)

"I love babies!" he said, almost apologetically, like he knew he should be working, or he thought perhaps I'd want my son to myself, or something. But he just couldn't help himself. He continued to make this tongue-clicking sound (like their version of coochie-coo) every Chinese person seemed to make at babies, and ask me questions about my famil…